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Lời bài hát Don't Stop

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DON’T STOP! (Sáng tác: Hoàng Rapper) DJ don’t stop! Everybody come on stand up! Party tonight, show me your love! Here we go now put your drinks up up! Drop in this club club club! More more, give me more! Everyone on the floor! Fly fly to the sky! I want you get so high! Make me smile, hold me tight, our family will never die. Don’t be shy, hips don’t lie, shake your body we run the night. (Ladies and gentleman! Don’t stop the party tonight!) Hook: Everybody dance, shaking your body! Come on keep moving, enjoy your life! Don’t stop, everyone get up. Put your hands up, I like to party all night long… (party all night long… party all night long…) Everybody on the floor, DJ on the mix, welcome to my world. Don’t stop! Where are you, let me see your fire, make some noise, we will have good time. Don’t stop! Family, we are the family. (Yeah!) Superman, we are the superman! (Fly!) Are you ready to shake it, are you ready to move it, are you ready, ready to get out of your control. (Hey Mr. DJ! Don’t stop the music tonight!)