Lời bài hát Get Down

Đóng góp bởi

Get down (you are th one for me) You're the one for me You're my ecstasy You're the one I need Chorus: Get down Get down And move it all around(2X) Hey baby love I need a girl like you But tell me if you feel it too I'm in delusion every minute every hour My heart is crying out for you Bridge: I feel in heaven when I look in your eyes I know that you are the one for me (one for me) You drive me crazy 'cuz you're one of a kind I want your lovin' and I want it right now Chorus (2X) Ooh baby you're so fine I'm gonna make you mine Your lips they taste so sweet You're the one for meYou're my ecstasy You're the one I need Rap: Smooth T. Bang, bang, bang, Here we come Here we slam It's the Fun Factory With the BSB's Get on your knees Tryin' to scream Or touch me plese Backstreet Boys Are you with it? A.J. hit it Come on girl and get down Smack it up, flip it And move it all around Here it is if you wanna get with this Put you at the top of my list Repeat from Bridge